Forensic Accounting FAQ's

What is forensic accounting?

Forensic means relating to the legal matters. Legal matters involve law enforcement, court litigation, legal disputes, and so on.

What's Required to become a forensic accountant?

Most forensic accountants have accounting degrees. Many forensic accounting professionals also obtain professional certification, either the Certified Fraud Examiner or the CPA.

Do I need specialized education in Forensic Accounting

Yes, specialized education in forensic accounting is important. Normal accounting degree programs do not include any way near the education in forensic accounting that is necessary for practice in the area.

What if I've never taken an accounting course before?

That's no problem at all. Forensic Accounting is quite different from the old debit-and-credit accounting.  The Masters in Forensic Accounting program at Florida Atlantic University involves 9 accounting courses that provide the right fundamentals regardless of one's background. Those with undergraduate degrees in accounting or significant experience in accounting practice take a slightly different set of courses.

Why is Forensic Accounting the hottest area of accounting and rated as one of the most secure careers for the future?

The United States has shifted toward an information economy. Forensic accounting professionals are experts in ferreting out information.


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