Forensic Accounting Study

Forensic Accounting Study

FAU offers a complete Masters in Forensic Accounting. Complete details are available by clicking on "Forensic Masters Degree" on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of this page.

There are several important reasons to study Forensic Accounting in the FAU Forensic Accounting Masters Program

bulletAccording to U.S. World and News Report, forensic accounting is on of the secure job opportunities for the future.
bulletForensic Accounting can be a very lucrative profession. Expert witnesses can bill thousands of dollars for a couple hours in court.
bulletForensic Accounting is one of the most interesting professions. It's very exciting to work with prosecutors and attorneys in court cases. Forensic Accounting opens the door for you to become a high-end forensic detective. Sherlock Holmes was a Forensic Accountant.
bulletThere is a very wide range of career choices in Forensic Accounting. Work for the FBI, the CIA, a public accounting firm, a law firm, or for the government. Or become an independent consultant.



For information on how to sign up, click on Forensic Masters Degree in the left-hand navigation bar.

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